The Most Annoying Reason Why C-Sections Are Delayed (and Babies Hurt)

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Having a baby is an anxious but exciting time.  If this is our first child, it can be particularly nerve-wrecking.  This is why we trust our healthcare providers to give us the proper advice and guidance to get through this process.  This primarily includes our primary care physician or family care physician, and an OB/GYN.  Between these two specialties, our child birthing needs are well-met.

Or supposed to be.

Despite trusting these professionals with our lives and our newborn baby’s life, they will make mistakes.  And some mistakes are not forgivable.

One of the most unforgivable mistakes that should not happen is due to the ego or greed of a doctor.

Yes, ego and greed!

This is when a primary care physician or family care physician is trying to deliver your baby.  But there are some complications and the doctor is working really hard to deliver the baby naturally.  However, there is just no way that the baby can—or SHOULD—be attempted to be born naturally.  Rather, the baby should be taken out with a c-section and be done.

But the c-section is done by the OB/GYN, NOT by the primary care physician or family care physician.

This means that the OB/GYN gets credit for the delivery, and not the PCP or FCP.  This means that a PCP or FCP that has been through hours and hours of labor, through months or intense pre-natal care and evaluation, and who has has been at the hospital for countless hours with countless effort, will have to give the patient to an OB/GYN who will come in and perform a c-section and be done in an hour or less.

And the OB/GYN will get credit for the delivery, not the PCP or FCP.

BUT not unless the PCP can do this… or maybe try to induce with more drugs… or maybe reach in and pull the baby’s arm… or maybe yank on the baby… maybe vacuum… maybe more pushing… maybe just give it more time in labor…

These will ALL cause serious birth injuries and likely permanent damage to a young newborn.  These are very serious and deadly complications which could seriously harm the baby.  This is the worst reason why to try to push a natural birth which could be a C-section, and this is all for the wrong reasons of ego and greed of a PCP or FCP.  The patient mother and patient baby are the ones being harmed!

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