Aggressive Surgery Can Lead To Careless Mistakes


People who suffer from frequent and extreme migraine headaches will often seek any sort of treatment to alleviate them.  However, whether surgery is an appropriate solution is still in question.

More than one out of every ten people around the world suffers from migraines.  The pain from migraines is often an intense throbbing on one side of the patients head.  Patients are also sensitive to light and sound and will often experience nausea and vomiting.  This disorder results from a dysfunction inside the brain.

Surgery used to treat migraines is often called “nerve decompression” or “trigger point release” surgery.  This surgery was developed after reports from some plastic surgery patients indicated that they experienced relief from their migraines after undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery.  However some scientists have found that these reports do not make a compelling case for this treatment.  Since migraines result from a dysfunction within the brain, researchers remain skeptical that this complex brain problem can be alleviated by removing facial muscle.

The first plan for treating migraines is not surgery.  This form of treatment is reserved when patients have symptoms that do not respond to medication or lifestyle interventions.  Since migraines result from the trigeminal nerve becoming irritated or stimulated, sending a chain of messages cumulating into a migraine attack, surgery removes the portion of the nerve that is irritated or the muscle around it.  This may also involve other nerves or muscles in the face or neck.

As with all surgeries, this one has risks, including sagging eyelids, wound healing problems, neck weakness, and nerve injury.  The surgery can also result in permanent side effects such as persistent itching and numbness in the areas affected by the surgery.  Additionally, this surgery is usually performed by a plastic surgeon, not a migraine specialist.

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