“Alarming” Number Of Lawsuits Against Brooklyn Hospital


A hospital serving nearly the New York City area and its surrounding cities’ 20 million residents is facing over 100 medical malpractice lawsuits right now, 12 of which involve patients who have died as a result of the hospital or hospital healthcare providers’ negligence. Just in 2010, the hospital was $42 million in debt.

The lawsuits involve a wide range of negligence from birth injuries to brain injuries. For example, a patient, allergic to penicillin, was given the antibiotic even though she wore a bracelet warning of the risk. Hospital staff ignored a diabetic patient with a puncture wound until the wound became seriously infected. Doctors eventually had to amputate the diabetic’s toes due to complications that occurred as a result of the neglected wound.

It is obvious that the medical center is not even trying to exceed the standard of care, let along try to meet the standard of care expected. Patients are completely helpless in the hands of doctors and staff at a most vulnerable times in their lives and the hospital does not seem to be addressing what appears to be an epidemic of medical malpractice lawsuits.

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