Albany Times Union Weighs In On Malpractice Reform Today: “Back To The Operating Table”


In an editorial in today’s Albany Times Union, the T-U blasted Governor Cuomo’s proposal to deprive malpractice victims of their rights in the Medicaid Reform Act.

Addressing the cap on non-economic damages for malpractice victims, the editor of the Times-Union wrote: “Such a limited cap on nonmedical, non-economic damages in malpractice cases is the wrong approach. Bad doctors adn careless hospitals should pay a stiff penalty when they destroy people’s health or lives, and $250,000 is, by any measure, an offensively low price to put on the loss of a child’s potential.”

“If the state wants to reduce malpractice claims and insurance rates, it should aggressively weed out of the medical profession what many seem to agree is a relatively small number of bad practitioners.”

AMEN!!! It’s about time that a newspaper is challenging the ridiculous caps proposed by Governor Cuomo! These caps will not save money for the taxpayers (the ostensible purpose of Medicaid reform), but rather will be a total political gift to insurance carriers, hospitals and doctors.

Governor Cuomo cares more about Big Business than the rights of the severely disabled and that’s unfortunate.