The Legal Team For Alex Rodriguez Is Preparing A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against The Yankees’ Team Doctor


Alex Rodriguez’s legal team is preparing to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the team doctor for the Yankees’.  The legal team for Rodriguez believes that there is evidence that Chris Ahmad, the team’s doctor, had incorrectly diagnosed Rodriguez’s hip during the playoffs last October.  They claim that Ahmad failed to properly diagnose a torn labrum in Rodriguez’s left hip.

After a game Rodriguez informed the team that his right hip felt “off.”  It was revealed by an MRI that while his right hip was fine, Rodriguez’s left hip required medical attention.  Medical records indicate that it is possible that Dr. Ahmad knew that the condition of his left hip was more serious but failed to inform Rodriguez.  The medical record stated that the MRI showed a “superior labral tear with small parabral cyst” on the left hip.

The medical record in question was later sent to Dr. Marc Phillipon, who had performed surgery on Rodriguez’s right hip in 2009.  A second MRI revealed that Rodriguez required surgery on his left hip.  However, Rodriguez had played with the injury through the playoffs, impacting his performance.

The Yankees’ have issued a statement that they never received any complaints from Rodriguez about his left hip during the 2012 regular season and the Yankees postseason.  The Yankees also did not receive a diagnosis with regards to his left hip during those time periods.  Despite these claims, Rodriguez’s lawyer has charged the Yankees with forcing Rodriguez to play when he was not at his best, performance wise.  In fact, it has been confirmed by Rodriguez that the he had begged the manager to keep him in the lineup.

The Yankees are willing to release all of their medical records provided Rodriguez gives his consent.  He has yet to do so.

The medical malpractice lawsuit has not been filed as Rodriguez’s legal team is still in the process of collecting information for the case.

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