Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases Are Very Serious And Dangerous

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer is a devastating disease and condition.  We all know that.  This is a very dangerous and difficult to treat cancer.  Even basic cancers can be difficult to completely cull.  Cancer needs to be treated aggressively and without reservation to cure the patient.

This is why a cancer misdiagnosis results in a very serious and deadly condition to go untreated.  It allows cancer to fester.  It allows cancer to grow stronger, wider, and deeper.  It really allows it to follow entrench itself in the body.  A misdiagnosis, missed a diagnosis, or delayed diagnosis just allows cancer to get a foothold and take over.

This is why any delay is easily medical malpractice.  And this is a very serious instance of medical malpractice which allows a victim to recover compensation for his or her injuries.  It also means that it can be more difficult for a victim to overcome cancer.  Thus, there can be more wrongful death cases which create even more damages and liability.

The problem with medical malpractice cases and cancer misdiagnosis cases is that the statute of limitations will usually expire by the time that the victim realizes there was a mistake.  That means victims will not have the ability to vindicate their rights.  This is scary.  But this is also what Lavern’s Law, currently passed by the Legislature and awaiting delivery to Governor Cuomo to sign, would help combat and give cancer victims a right to commence a lawsuit.