Cancer Misdiagnosis Damages In New York: What You Need To Know

Cancer Misdiagnosis

A cancer misdiagnosis case is a very serious type of medical malpractice in New York. As we all know, cancer by itself is very deadly and devastating. When that cancer is left to fester inside of a patient, it can become unstoppable. This is why a cancer misdiagnosis case can often be fatal. This is why Lavern’s Law is so powerful to help victims to fight back at the statute of limitations and inequality in the law.

But one common issue is, well, the patient has cancer already and needs to undergo surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy whether or not the misdiagnosis occurred. So what are the damages? Especially if the patient lives!

This is a great question and a ploy used by defense attorneys all of the time. And while this is all true, it fails to acknowledge one important thing about cancer. The longer that the cancer is allowed to grow inside of a patient, the more likely that it could come back later and the stronger it will become next time.

Thus, a common injury in a cancer misdiagnosis case is that fact that cancer has a higher probability to come back when it is delayed in treatment and that it has a higher mortality rate. Sometimes the normal chance of a cancer coming back is 10% with a 15% chance that it will be fatal. However, the cancer misdiagnosis could make it come back at a rate of 45% and it may be 90% fatal. This is a significant increase!

So even though the patient may need the same or similar treatment now as he or she would have needed if the cancer was not misdiagnosed, there are other factors which will make the cancer more deadly. This is what a victim of a New York cancer misdiagnosis case can recover.