Dentist Objects To Removal Of Wisdom Teeth Saying It Is Unnecessary; Does That Mean Removal Is Medical Malpractice?

Dental Malpractice

This is a post that we can all relate to either if we had our wisdom teeth removed, had pain, or still have them proudly couched in our mouths but still prodded every time we go to the dentist. For most of us though, we have had them removed—often just on the whim of the dentist. Sure, maybe they were giving us some discomfort.

However, many times it was precautionary. The standard has been to remove the wisdom teeth before they create a problem because it will be easier to take care of. However, one doctor—Dr. Jay Friedman—has been advocating for leaving the wisdom teeth alone unless there is a problem.

Dr. Friedman contends that it is absolutely unnecessary for the removal of healthy, non-threatening wisdom teeth. He actually considers this to be unnecessary and irresponsible practice for dentists to remove wisdom teeth because there is a risk, which is quite small but still palatable, of permanent nerve damage. Other risks, such as dry sockets and infections, are more likely to occur—albeit still low risks.

But these risks are not what a patient actually needs to take if the tooth is healthy. Dr. Friedman alleges that dentists just automatically seek removal of wisdom teeth just to pad their pockets. These procedures actually cost billions of dollars each year around the United States. Of these, about two-thirds of the millions of wisdom teeth extracted are for no good reason. None!

This brings up the issue of unnecessary treatment that may actually cause more harm to a patient then good. I have posted before about certain procedures being performed that were unnecessary, like prostate biopsies, which may cause serious infections and false positives.