Doctor And Nurse Common Errors To Be Aware Of

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

There are many causes of New York medical malpractice, and many different types of provides can be liable for medical malpractice. These different types of providers range from dentists, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare providers.

When we think of medical care and treatment providers, we generally think of doctors and nurses as being at the forefront of all medical care. And to a large degree, this is true. Doctors and nurses are in the trenches of front-line healthcare, and provide a wide-range of services applicable to all patients. As a result, there are also a lot of different causes of medical mistakes caused between nurses and doctors. These mistakes can result in serious personal injuries and even the death of a patient.

Some common causes of New York medical malpractice between nurses and doctors includes the following:

Communication errors – miscommunication and a failure to communicate is the number one cause of medical malpractice. This can occur during treatment or procedures, prescribing medications or administering drugs, or about the symptoms or conditions of a patient. These communication errors can result in serious or horrific injuries including death.
Procedure mishaps – during a medical procedure, there can be mistakes in the actual procedure. This could be when the surgeon or doctor asks a nurse to help assist, and the assistance is negligent or improper.
Medication mistakes – when a doctor prescribes a certain type of medication or requires a certain medication to be given but the nurse fails to do so or fails to do so properly, it can result in serious medical injuries or medical malpractice.
Disagreements – nurses see and spend a lot more time with any specific patient then a doctor. This is particularly true in the emergency room. Sometimes the nurses and the doctor may disagree as to the diagnosis or condition of a patient, and may further disagree on treatment. Even though a doctor orders the medication and treatment, the nurses may still resist, think they have more experience then the doctor, or may even try to override a doctor. This is particularly true with residents at teaching hospitals.

While nurses and doctors get along and usually provide excellent medical care, there is the potential for medical mistakes which can result in serious injuries or even the death of a patient. This relationship with nurses and doctors is necessary and will forever exist, while means mistakes between them will also exist forever.

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