Doctor Sued Over Botched Hernia Operation; Patient Dies!

Surgery, Wrongful Death

In out-of-state doctor has just recently been sued for a really atrocious incident of medical malpractice. The patient underwent a hernia operation in 2010 and everything appeared to have done well. However, a few days later the patient developed sepsis—a potentially deadly medical condition that is characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state and the presence of a known or suspected infection. He underwent an exploratory surgery and the surgeon found that part of the patient’s intestine with fecal matter in it trapped within a meshed area of the hernia operation repair. It had begun to rot and the infection spread very quickly. This ultimately killed the patient.

But the true worst part is the suffering the patient endured. After the second surgery, he was continued to get sicker and sicker, and gangrene set in. The patient struggled for more than two months (!!!) with gangrene and, essentially, his entire stomach and chest rotting from the inside out until he died in the hospital.

The lawsuit alleges that the surgeon did not have the requisite knowledge to perform the hernia operation safely, failed to recognize the early and tell-tail signs of infection, and failed to use reasonable care in treating the patient.

These are cases that just get me STEAMING. I hope this NEVER EVER happens again, but I know it—unfortunately—will. Some people saw that medical malpractice lawsuits really drive up the costs of the entire health care system. Some people think that medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers are just “ambulance chasers.” But look at what happened. Look at the REAL cost to the system; humans. Money will NEVER, EVER replace this man nor erase from the memory of his family the hideous suffering he endured for two months as his body rotted before them. Now he is gone.

But there are also the high costs of the treatment AFTER the surgery that adds to the cost. For example, look at all the EXTRA costs the malpractice caused our system: the patient needed a second MAJOR exploratory operation, needed to stay in Intensive Care for two full months, the strong and regimented antibiotic schedule, the cocktails of painkillers multiple times a day for two months straight, changing of bandages and gauze, and salary for staff constantly monitoring him, amongst other expenses.

Medical malpractice lawsuits ensure that doctors do things correctly or face a steep penalty. They serve as a checks and balances like the three branches of government, but here it is the client/patient, attorney, and doctor. No one party can abuse the system without repercussions from the other parties; the attorney cannot take a cut of the award/settlement that is too large without either the client/patient reporting him; the doctor cannot perform surgeries recklessly or conduct themselves in a way under the standard of care from his colleagues who are also under this obligation; and the patient cannot suffer from a small injury or feign it because the attorney cannot get paid without winning and will only take real instances of malpractice.

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