When Doctors Blame Nurses For Medical Malpractice, It Could Actually Be The Doctor’s Fault!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

One of the things that must defendants do in personal injury accidents, especially medical malpractice cases, is blame another person or entity.  In fact it is very common for defendants in medical malpractice cases to blame anyone else but themselves for mistakes.  In medical malpractice cases, it is also common for doctors to blame non-doctors such as nurses, nurse practitioners, technicians, and other providers.  When the non-doctors run out, doctors will blame other specialists like pathology, imaging, anesthesiology, and other scapegoats to avoid liability.

If you were injured due to a probably instance of medical malpractice, or had any medical treatment which did not produce the desired (or even an acceptable) result, you are entitled to answers.  If a doctor blames a nurse or other professional, you need to get a lawyer.

Just because a doctor blames a nurse does not mean 1) that it is true, 2) that the doctor did not contribute to your injury, and 3) that the issue is that simple.  Many times doctors direct or order nurses, and it may be the case where the doctor actually issued an order or advised the nurse to do something which resulted in your injuries.

Further, many times doctors will be directly liable, known as vicariously liable, for the conduct of their nurses.  This includes if the nurses cause injuries or medical malpractice.  This commonly happens when the nurse is employed by a surgical group or medical group owned by the doctor as a partner or sole owner.

Additionally, it should be a huge red flag whenever a doctor says that a nurse is the reason why a patient was injured.  This is a signal that there could be malpractice which is why the doctor is shifting the blame on another individual.  This is a liability thing, and it can be important to help prove you case.  At the very least, it should trigger a patient to go to a lawyer to investigation what happened.