Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Shocked: Doctors In NY Hospital Performed C-Section On Non-Pregnant Patient!

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Understandably, when one is about to go into surgery there is a lot of anxiety and fear involved. It is never comfortable to undergo any medical procedure, particularly something so invasive like surgery. A C-section may be one of the most invasive, nerve wracking, and uncomfortable surgeries to undergo. But it is even worse to undergo an unnecessary surgery that you do not need, especially an invasive surgery like a C-section.

From depositions recently held by a doctor from a Manhattan hospital, the horrifying accounts that surgeons conducted a C-section on non-pregnant patients were heard by those presents. The doctor had worked at the hospital and reported the incidents to the Department of Health; this is called a whistleblower. However, the doctor was immediately fired from the hospital which is against the law when a whistleblower reports valid violations to a governing agency. Here, the Department of Health governs and oversees hospitals.

Depositions are where attorneys from both parties question a witness in a way that is comparable to at a trial. The purpose is to more fully develop the facts of the case to look for strengths, weaknesses, and new avenues to explore. Depositions occur before the trial and, when the deposition does not go well for one party, it will become the impetus for that party to settle.

At these depositions, the most outrageous of facts came out regarding C-sections done on patients who were not even pregnant. The doctor alleged that for one case, a 16 year old minor underwent a C-section when she was, in fact, not pregnant. In another case, the staff did a sonogram and decided to immediately performed a C-section. Again, the patient was not pregnant. The doctor attributes this to hastily performed pre-checks and staffs wanted to immediately seek a C-section when it was unnecessary.

If that is not atrocious enough, the facts surrounding the botched C-section are even more disturbing. In one of the cases, the woman was complaining of sharp pain in her pelvic area and was told she was pregnant. She underwent the surgery where doctors realized she was, in fact, not pregnant. When she came to, she was told that she was actually pregnant!

The patient, being a minor, was taken advantage by the medical staff here by undergoing the wrongful C-section but also being lied to. And it was right of this doctor to come forward and expose this. Yes, doctors should be competent to recognize when a person is or is not pregnant—ESPECIALLY when a sonogram is performed. But what really concerns me is that these surgeons allegedly LIED about their conduct to cover up what actually happened. We need to trust our medical professionals for everything. Period. When any staff takes advantage of a minor, it is upsetting to think what other conduct they are getting away with.

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