Doctor’s Office Raided In Prescription Drug Abuse Probe


When doctors prescribe drugs to patients it is generally because they need them to either relieve pain, relieve their symptoms, and/or to help the patient become well. However there are some cases where a doctor will prescribe medications to patients who do not have any legitimate need for them.

One doctor, John Dimowo, who has offices in Wilmington and Anaheim, California, has had his offices raided because he has been suspected of prescribing narcotic painkillers as well as other medications. The types of medications that are of concern are widely abused by patients who do not have a legitimate reason to be prescribed them.

The raid followed the medical board in California receiving complaints about Dr. Dimowo’s practice from the family members of patients and pharmacists since at least 2011. The complaints have been filed by people who believe that his prescriptions were aiding people who are addicted to the drugs he has been prescribing them. Dr. Dimowo has been known to prescribe on average at least 37 prescriptions a day, mostly painkillers such as Vicodin. He claims that it is difficult to define pain and determine whether the person who comes to his clinic really needs the narcotic painkiller or if they are just trying to obtain a prescription to get high.

Prior to the raid undercover agents had posed as Dr. Dimowo’s patients and were successful in obtaining prescription for addictive drugs without being examined by the doctor. During the raid investigators sought the medical records of patients who may have died due to overdosing on prescription medication. The names of these patients came from a list from the Orange County coroner’s office.

Dr. Dimowo has not been arrested or charged with a crime. Additionally he remains free to practice medicine. He has decided not to discuss the investigation.

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