New York Medical Malpractice And A Failure To Diagnose Cancer

Cancer Misdiagnosis

We all know that cancer is a very dangerous, deadly, and difficult to treat health condition. It is a very hazardous health condition no matter where it is and what stage it is in. It is always a medical emergency. Cancer needs to be treated swiftly with strong force and skill of a healthcare team experienced to do so.

Thus, when a healthcare team fails to timely treat cancer, it can be absolutely debilitating and deadly to the victim and this is medical malpractice. Many times the failure to timely treat cancer is because it is not diagnosed in time. Sometimes this is because the patient did not recognize symptoms and seek treatment. If the healthcare team does not get the opportunity to treat the patient, there cannot be any medical malpractice.

However, other times a delay in treatment can be when the patient went to the healthcare team, but the healthcare team failed to properly diagnose the cancer. It could be because the healthcare team failed to do the proper tests. Sometimes a doctor will misread or fail to recognize the symptoms or combinations of symptoms which could be cancer. A doctor could also misdiagnose the cancer for another disease which is benign like stomach ulcers or dehydration for headaches. An active misdiagnose can be medical malpractice and result in serious injuries.

Additionally, the healthcare team could misread the test results. This is an even worse type of medical malpractice because the doctor may have identified something suspicious and referred the patient to another physician who, in turn, had the patient go for a biopsy. If the result of the biopsy is misread or misplaced, this could also be a misdiagnose and be medical malpractice. Generally when this happens there could be many possibly negligent parties which would need to be sued to ensure the victim’s rights were protected.

When a victim of medical malpractice has his or her cancer misdiagnosed, the cancer can spread throughout the body and become irreversible. The cancer can also firmly implant itself in the patient’s body which can result in serious medical procedures include amputations, organ removal, and flesh removal. This can result in nerve damage and physical deformity. It is a very serious instance of medical malpractice.

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