Home Health Care Aide Medical Malpractice In New York


When we think of medical malpractice, we think of doctors, nurses, or hospitals making mistakes which seriously hurt or injury another person.  This is, indeed, the bulk of medical malpractice cases.  However, there are so many different types of medical malpractice which you should be aware of.  Almost any type of healthcare professional can be liable for medical mistakes and medical malpractice.

For instance, home health care aides can be liable for medical malpractice in certain instances.  When theses providers are rendering medical care, such as wound care, checking for pressure ulcers, and handling other care and treatment, there can be serious medical mistakes which result in medical malpractice.

Even though this is not typically a type of medical professional you may assume is liable for medical malpractice, sometimes home healthcare aids are the real frontline of healthcare—even before nurses—which are meant to help address issues with patients who have been released from hospitals following a traumatic injury, post-surgery, or those in need of special care but not appropriate for a nursing home situation.  Home health care aides can even be live-in, or posted there for 24 hours a day, and perform a very important service.

When mistakes happen here, however, people can be put into a medical emergency and life-threatening situation but not in a hospital or under the care of a physician.  This can mean that mistakes do not get fixed quickly and can cause very serious injury before they are repaired.  These types of mistakes are horrible and very dangerous, and result in irreversible medical malpractice.