Hospital Medical Malpractice


When you enter a hospital setting, you have placed your trust in the hands of doctors to protect your well-being. However there are instances when carelessness, lack of judgment, and medical errors can result in tragedy.

Serious injury, or even death, can result from hospital negligence. Negligence includes malpractice by doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, nurse’s aides, and technicians employed by the hospital. Other types of hospital negligence can include inadequate staffing, lack of adequate supervision, or failure to perform or interpret diagnostic tests correctly.

Regardless of how it happened, there isn’t an excuse when patients are placed in danger by providing them with inadequate or negligent care. Hospitals are required to adhere to policies and procedures that were created to ensure that protected their patient’s health and well-being. Patients injured due to negligence may have a claim against the negligent hospital for their injuries.

Unfortunately, when a hospital makes a mistake that results in injury, they do not always have the means to pay for them. Some hospitals in New York City are partially or completely uninsured for medical malpractice. While some have money saved to cover any liabilities, there are others that have used up their reserves. Therefore, any future awards or settlements would take money away from patient care. Some hospitals have even closed entire practice areas for fear of medical malpractice lawsuits.

It is not required that hospitals in New York have medical malpractice insurance to operate. Many hospitals forgo the malpractice insurance in order to keep running. In the short term this makes sense, however, patients who have been injured will most likely be unable to obtain compensation for their injuries.

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