Illinois Woman Sues Hospitals For Not Providing Timely Treatment

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When a person is in need of emergency medical care being able to receive treatment quickly is very important. The difference between receiving medical treatment immediately and receiving treatment five minutes later can mean the difference between saving a patient’s life and the patient suffering severe complications or death.

A man in Illinois did not receive timely care for his serious injuries and his mother is suing the two hospitals and the doctors responsible for his care for not providing timely treatment to her son when he was brought to the hospital after he was attacked outside a bar.

Three years ago Janet Bartels son, Eric, was attacked outside a bar. He was punched twice while waiting for a ride. As a result of his injuries he suffered paralysis and massive brain damage which left him blind and mute. Bartels claims that the staff of Silver Cross Hosptial did not properly communicate with the first responders when Bartels was brought to that hospital, and when he was transferred to Provena St. Joseph, Silver Cross did not properly communicate with them resulting in delayed treatment for Bartels’ brain injury.

Additionally, the suit alleges that the hospitals did not have a neurosurgeon on call twenty four hours a day who would be able to be at the hospital and in the operating room within an hour, as is required by Illinois law. The doctors involved in treating Bartels are also named in the lawsuit for not recognizing his brain injuries.

Multiple witnesses identified the attacker who punched Bartels outside the bar. The alleged attacker was at the bar celebrating his twenty first birthday. He is now facing criminal charges of three counts of aggravated battery.

This case shows the consequences of delayed diagnosis and the failure to treat serious brain injuries. Any person who suffers permanent injury due to delayed diagnosis can bring a medical malpractice claim against negligent doctors and/or hospitals.

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