$4.4 Million Settlement In Birth Injury Lawsuit; Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses

Birth Injury

Recently, a case filed in the Queens County Supreme Court was settled for $4,400,000. The case was filed on behalf of a male infant born in 2006.

In 2006, the mother went to the defendant hospital for an ultrasound; during the ultrasound the doctors determined that there was a decrease in diastolic flow. Diastolic flow indicates that the fetus is under distress. According to the court documents, after the decrease in diastolic flow was determined the doctors put the mother under observation, monitoring the baby’s heart rate.

When the baby’s heart rate continued to drop, the doctors performed an emergency C-section. The infant was born with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and grade III to IV intraventricular hemorrhage in the infant’s brain. PDA causes abnormal blood flow between the arota and pulmonary artery, the major blood vessels that carry blood to the heart. Some symptoms of PDA are fast breathing, a rapid pulse and shortness of breath. Infants with a large PDA can develop serious heart problems such as heart failure.

An intravenricular hemorrhage a brain bleed in the area of the brain containing the brain’s spinal fluid. This infant is now suffering from a seizure disorder and severe neurological and developmental disabilities; it is believe that these disabilities are permanent. In this case, the plaintiff alleges that the doctors acted negligently by improperly monitoring the fetal heart rate, waiting too long to perform the C-section and not following the proper medical protocol for a decrease in diastolic flow. This is an unfortunate case because the infant in this case is now a child and will likely never be able to have a job or normal life as his disabilities will require continuance care for the rest of this young man’s life.

If you have a child who has suffered from a birth injury or know someone with a child who has suffered from a birth injury it is important that you get advice today. Birth injuries can have lasting consequences to children and these children need help, as they cannot protect their own interests.

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