Lavern’s Law Has Not Been Delivered To Governor Cuomo Yet: Learn How To Track It Here!


Lavern’s Law is an incredibly important bill which needs to become law in New York. This law provides an alternative time for a victim of a cancer misdiagnosis to commence a medical malpractice action against a provider. This is because, under the current law which New York is only one of six states with this unfair rule, a victim has no extension for discovering a misdiagnosis. Rather, the victim must find the misdiagnosis within the original statute of limitations or be forever barred. This is incredibly unfair.

But while Lavern’s Law passed both the New York Assembly and New York Senate in June of 2017, it has still not been sent to Governor Cuomo for signature. This is when the sponsor and the initial house where it was passed will have to package up the bill, all comments, and information as to what the members were thinking when they passed the bill. This is known as the legislative history and it can be helpful to courts and lawyer interpreting the intent of a law.

However, Lavern’s Law still hasn’t been packaged and sent! This is horrible because victims are literally losing their rights to commence a medical malpractice case on a daily basis.

So how will we know when Lavern’s Law is delivered to the Governor?

You can look on the New York Senate website! Here is the link:

This website provides information on the bill and its timeline. You can see the bill and learn more about it. You can also scroll down and see other information about the bill making process in general, and learn from the website about your government.

But most importantly, you can monitor Lavern’s Law when it is signed!