Lobbyists For Doctors And Insurance Companies Just Tricked Us All–And It Takes Away Our Rights!


There has been a lot of attention drawn on politics lately.  North Korea.  Trump.  Healthcare reform.  Defense budget.  Midterm elections.  Supreme Court picks.  There has simply been a political overload lately and some people are probably sick and tired of it, and even numb to it.

This makes it the perfect time to secretly push through legislation hurting the people of this country.  That is what lobbyists for doctors and insurers did.  Without public hearings.  No presentations.  Few modifications or explanations.  Lobbyists pushed through the House a measure to limit damages for plaintiffs and lower fees for medical malpractice attorneys.  There were virtually NO changes to the bill—none!  That never happens—the House, Senate, and together as Congress cannot agree on the time of day, let alone a comprehensive bill.

But you didn’t hear that from the media!

Can you believe this?

You should!

According to the news, your rights are the Senate and president’s signature away from being shrunk and lessened without you even knowing about it.  Few if ANY changes were made.  Can you believe that?  Lobbyists forced it down the throat of the House while we were all distracted and unable to fight back or learn about it.

Doctors and medical malpractice insurance companies are greedy.  They want to earn as much money as possible and not be liable for mistakes.  They want to hide from negligence and injuries to victims.  But unlike other professions which are less likely to get sued for malpractice, doctors KILL patients—an accountant does not kill someone with negligence.  Doctors want to be able to keep all of the money they make while shielding themselves from liability, but if they didn’t want to be subjected to malpractice or injuring people they shouldn’t be in that profession!

Lobbyists and greedy insurance companies help themselves to keep money in their pockets while harming you.  While their bonuses may shrink from $25,000 to $15-20,000, you or your loved one may never walk again, see the sunset, or even survive.  This is greed and you should be outraged it happened!