Man Alleges Hospital Failed To Timely Diagnosis Infection; Victim Becomes Amputee Because Of Medical Malpractice

Infections, Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Time and time again I write about New York medical malpractice cases involving a delayed diagnosis. These cases are always frustrating because the patient is usually treatable—if not fully able to recover—if a hospital timely and correctly diagnosis the patient’s condition. However, in these cases the victim suffers from the negligence of the medical staff and ends up far worse off.

In this New York City medical malpractice case, a patient entered into a hospital with the clear and obvious symptoms of an infection. However, when he entered the waiting room he was not screened correctly and he waited for assistance for a really long time. What makes this more horrifying is that he TOLD hospital staff his son had similar symptoms and it turned out to be the same infection only a few weeks earlier. A simple dose of antibiotics would have completely healed him almost instantly.

Despite this, he waited in the emergency room for a long period of time before being seen and it was too late. The man lost his hands and feet and, a week later, it was necessary to also take his lower legs in a second string of surgeries.

This is absolutely horrifying and completely negligent by the hospital. The case was just filed this week, but I expect there to be a settlement immediately. The hospital’s liability is very high here, particularly because the patient came in with a diagnosis since his son also had the condition a few weeks earlier! The damage is also significant here because of the amputations, pain and suffering, and future expenses. In addition, the burden of giving the medications is so low and the result would have been so high—the liability for the defendant hospital here is just so strong I do not expect them to fight it out at trial.

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