$3.74 Million Awarded In Heart Attack Malpractice Case

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A jury in Massachusetts awarded a Harvard family $3.74 million after a physician negligently treated a 59-year old man who died six months after he complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The hospital physicians determined that Robby Lee Ward did not suffer a heart attack, however, they did not rule out coronary issues. After being released from the hospital, when Ward followed-up with his primary care physician, the physician advised him to stop taking daily aspirin, which is usually advised for heart patients as it acts as a blood thinner. Additionally, the primary care physician never referred Ward to a cardiologist.

Six months later, in June of 2006, Ward suffered a heart attack and died. The autopsy determined that he had suffered from coronary artery disease and previous heart damage.

The jury found the doctor who treated Ward guilty of “negligent care in his treatment” of Ward and awarded the family $3.74 million which could rise to $5.8 million with interest.