Kingston Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses New Government Run Medical Mistake Reporting System


The Obama Administration has recently started a new patient reporting system for medical mistakes. The system encourages patients who have suffered from a medical mistake to report them in an attempt to make health care safer and better for all. The initial tester questionnaire asks the patient to provide information about those in involved in the medical mistake (whether doctor or nurse) and whether the patient will allow their report to be shared with those involved with the mistake. This initial questionnaire is still in its drafting stages but the administration believes that by sharing the reported information with the medical staff involved in the mistake, it will help them discover and learn what was wrong with the treatment provided, ultimately improving the healthcare that is provided to all.

The administration’s goal is that the questionnaire will be placed online, allowing a patient or their family to report details of any medical errors. (There will also be a telephone hotline where patients can report mistakes and questionnaires provided in hospitals and doctor’s offices.) Although, many think that a patient’s input is a good idea, a few are hesitant, and worried that a patient’s lack of medical knowledge might have them reporting mistakes that are not mistakes at all.

This program will be extremely helpful in the medical world. Many medical mistakes go unreported in this country and this program will allow for more reporting of mistakes. This system will help everyone understand how patients perceive their medical treatment and a medical provider will be able to improve their care if they understand their patients. Further, this reporting system might help the government find doctors who are continuously making major mistakes and allow for the state licensing boards to take action quicker than usual. While reading about the new reporting system I could not help but think about the Staten Island surgeon who recently and finally had his license revoked, but only after 40 medical malpractice lawsuits against. If this system is implemented well maybe we can take action against the few doctors who are giving the medical profession a bad name.

Hopefully, this system will be perfected and will fulfill its purpose. This reporting system can be good for all, by allowing patients to have more of a voice, doctors to understand their mistakes, if any, and hopefully, holding some accountable sooner for their excess abuses.

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