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An article in The Times Union’s online edition caught my eye this morning. Well-written and thoroughly researched, it detailed how reporting of medical mistakes by hospitals all over the country is severely lacking. According to the authors of the article, Cathleen F. Crowley and Eric Nadler However, Crowly and Nadler, although sorely disappointed by the fact that mandatory reporting managed to squirm its way out of the newly passed healthcare reform bill, are now optimistic that reporting will improve now that there are two new watchdogs on the scene: The Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Dr. Donald Berwick. Dr. Berwick is not only the founder of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, but was also the author of the earth shattering article “To Err is Human”. Berwick was appointed by President Obama in July to

According to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, although New York is typically considered to have one of the most “robust” reporting systems in the country, even New York’s hospitals are failing to report “the vast majority of events”.