Niskayuna Developmental Center Under Scrutiny After Death Of Disabled Man

Wrongful Death

Nursing homes, adult homes, developmental centers are all “homes” for many residents of New York. The residents of these facilities are dependent on they hired caretakers to perform activities of daily living such as eating, sleeping, walking, and bathing.

Sadly, even in 2012, many of these facilities are not to be trusted. A sad story comes out of Niskayuna where a man—who was born blind, had 15 surgeries before he was 2 years old, required oxygen to breathe, and a feeding tube to eat—was allegedly tortured to death by his “caretakers” at O.D. Heck state developmental center.

The man’s mother filed a lawsuit in District Court and the suit alleges the staffers “repeatedly verbally and physically abused K.C.” and he was confined to a gym mat and intentionally starved on several occasions. He was also allegedly called “it” by the health aides, beaten with a stick, and had rocks shoved in his mouth.

The allegations against health aides at O.D. Heck come just five years after two health aides from the facility were charged with manslaughter for restraining an autistic child to the point he was squeezed to death.

The stories that have been coming out of this institution are sick, frightening and need to be addressed. Defenseless people are being worse than animals and there is nobody to defend them. Either the state needs to take serious action against the facility or it needs to take a hard look at how management of the facility has to change.

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