PACU Infections Can Be Medical Malpractice


After a patient has undergone a surgery and been moved to a recovery room, he or she is still in danger of contracting a postoperative infection.  Around five percent of the people who undergo surgical procedures are affected by postoperative infections.  The results of postoperative infections can be very damaging to patients.  Patient recovery time can be slowed and increased health effects can also result.  There are many simple ways to reduce the risk of a patient contracting a postoperative infection.

Even if the operation was smooth and successful, the patient will require proper medical care to reduce the chance of infection.  To prevent infections antibiotics are routinely administered, patients are frequently cleaned, especially around the area operated on, and hospital staff and doctors follow strict sterilization procedures.  However, due to the vulnerable, exposed nature of a post-surgery patient infection is a possibility.

Postoperative infections can reach the blood and bone because of the incision made by the doctor during the surgery.  Bacterium that penetrates deeply into the body, the infections can be serious and need to be treated immediately.  Oral antibiotics may not be sufficient to cure the infection.  It may be necessary to administer the antibiotics locally.  If left to run its course serious medical issues for the patient can result and, in the worst cases, the patient could die.

Postoperative infections can result from:

  • Prescription of wrong medication after surgery
  • Unclean bandages
  • Unsterilized operating room conditions
  • Unsterilized surgical tools

It is required by law that hospitals and surgeons follow strict sterilization and hygienic procedures to reduce their risk of postoperative infections.  The surgical teams should be aware and trained in all sterilization and hygienic procedures.  If they fail to uphold their duty to prevent postoperative infections they could be held accountable.

Postoperative infections can cause patients to have longer stays in the hospital, raise the cost of medical bills, and increase the amount of wages the patient could lose.  If you or a loved one has suffered from a postoperative infection resulting from the negligence of a hospital or physician, contact an experienced Kingston, New York medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

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