Unnecessary Cancer Treatment Can Be Medical Malpractice In Kingston, New York

Cancer Misdiagnosis

While being diagnosed with cancer is probably the most frightening thing that could happen to a person, the ensuring radiation and chemotherapy treatment is the next worst.  This treatment is meant to be toxic and potent enough to kill the cancer cells but just weak enough to not kill all of your healthy cells which can withstand more than the cancer cells.  This is literally meant to bring you within inches of your life, let you heal, and then do it again.

Thus, the next worst thing to happen is that you find out that you did not even need this treatment in the first place.  That your cancer misdiagnosis was a mistake.  And that you have unnecessarily undergone cancer treatment for no reason.  Well, the only reason being the mistake by a doctor actually.

Unnecessary cancer treatment can have profound impacts on a person’s body.  The radiation can increase the risk of tumors and abnormalities, as well as damaging healthy tissue, vessels, and nerves.  Deformities can occur and surgical intervention may be necessary to repair just the damage from radiation.

The chemotherapy is a cocktail of some of the most potent drugs out there which are meant to kill and destroy weak cells in your body.  The chemo will literally poison you.  If that is unnecessary, you will be subjected to it for no reason other than the mistake of a doctor.

Shouldn’t this mistake be compensated?  ABSOLUTELY!  When doctors drag patients through cancer treatment due to a mistake and the patient does not need the treatment, it can be medical malpractice.  Victims can be entitled to the damages which poisoned their bodies.