Why You Should Never Step Foot Into An Indoor Tanning Salon In Kingston, New York


Having a great tan looks great, right? Of course! But just like tattoos that will inevitably come back to haunt you later in life, you will pay a price for that great looking tan. The pricetag is skin cancer.

Now, you already know to avoid the sun and apply suntan lotion liberally. You may be in good shape, but what about your teenage daughter who uses her allowance money to pay for a tan at the indoor tanning salon. The facts about indoor tanning salons are downright scary, but here goes.

The scary facts about indoor tanning salons

According to the Food and Drug Administration, about 35% of 17 year olds use tanning salons. That’s not scary, is it? How about this nugget: people who have used tanning machines are 74% more likely than others to develop the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, according to a 2010 study. The risk of melanoma is directly related to how often people have tanned and the link between indoor tanning and cancer is undeniable.

Do I have your attention yet? How about this: more women in their 20’s, 30’s and even teens are being diagnosed with skin cancer. Melanoma is the second most common form of cancer among adolescents and young adults and one in five Americans will develop skin cancer. Since 1992, rates of melanoma have risen 3% a year in white women ages 15 to 39, according to the American Cancer Society, and melanoma has more than doubled in the last three decades. Melanoma kills 8,700 Americans a year.

Why are indoor tanning salons a really bad idea for you?

Indoor tanning equipment emits mostly high output UVA but also UVB radiation. UVA is a deep penetrating radiation linked to melanoma and UVB can destroy the surface of the skin. Making matters even worse, ultraviolet radiation used in tanning beds can be addictive.

Now, if someone were to offer you money to get exposed to powerful, high dose radiation, would you take the cash? I hope not. But you are paying the indoor tanning salon for privilege of getting exposed to high dose radiation. Crazy stuff, right?

You’d think someone would ban this stuff? Well, they’re trying. New York State is considering a ban on indoor tanning salons and other states have considered imposing limits and restrictions, such as requiring parental consent for teenagers. If adults want to kill themselves, that’s one thing, but children and teenagers should not be allowed to use tanning beds under any circumstances.

The $5 billion indoor tanning industry doesn’t take kindly to the threat of bans and limits on indoor tanning salons. But the message is read simple: if you get that beautiful tan now, you will pay later…perhaps sooner than you think.

If you want to protect your children, don’t let them anywhere near an indoor tanning salon.

What you can do if you want more information

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