Burn Injuries in Hospitals: New York Medical Malpractice

Burn Injuries

When Medical Providers Cause Burn Injuries in Hospitals: Horrible New York Medical Malpractice

You may not think this is true, but patients in New York hospitals are being severely burned by New York medical malpractice.  Yes, patients are being burned by healthcare providers.  No, this is not intentionally.  Although some instances of burns by healthcare providers could be intentional.  This is in fact being caused by the reckless, careless, or downright negligent care of a healthcare provider.  Sometimes these injuries are quite horrific too.  The bottom line is that burn injuries in hospitals are a serious problem and cause horrible damages.

There are generally three ways the patients are being burned in hospitals due to New York medical malpractice.  These are by fire, mechanically, or chemically.  Each of these types has a different dangerous involved.  Each of these types is also painful and could result in the wrongful death of a patient.  Here are some specific details as to each type of injury:

Fires in Hospitals – It may sound like something out of a horror movie, but fires in hospitals do happen.  More specifically, surgical fires.  This is when a patient is burned in a fire caused during a surgery.  If you think about it, a surgery is a perfect situation for a fire.  Most medical providers are using some type of cauterizing tool that will cut and instantly seal the wound.  This is extremely hot and literally creates fire.  Most surgeries also use alcohol-based sterilization products, which also happen to be quite flammable.  Finally, most surgeries use lap pads, clothes, towels, sponges, and other mediums to observe blood.  These are incredibly flammable.  Thus, everything for a surgical fire is present; extreme heat and fire, accelerates, and combustibles.  Surgical fires can be particularly dangerous when they are caused on a patient’s face, throat, mouth, abdomen, or chest cavity, where even quick “burns” could result in significant injuries.

Mechanical Burns – This is another common type of burn which can be caused by the tools used by a doctor.  This is also known as a friction burn.  This most commonly can occur when a tool os rubbing against or grazing a part of the body, such as a spinning tool like a drill.  The longer that tool is resting against the body, the longer that friction is building.  Drills are a common tool in a surgery because of the need to place pins, screws, and other devices in a body.  Dental malpractice claims also can—revolve—around drills which can burn the mouth, tongue, and even damage nerves.

Chemical Burns – Chemical burns are particularly devastating because they are usually inside the body, but can be the product of spills on a person.  A chemical burn could be caused by an IV or injection missing the vein or the port.  A common and deadly chemical burn is when a cancer patient’s port is missed and chemotherapy drugs are pumped into the chest or under the skin.  This is caustic and causes damage to all surrounding structures until it is either absorbed or removed.

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