$1.575 Million For 42 Year Old Truck Driver Injured By Train Collision

Traumatic Brain Injury

42 year old truck driver from Pennsylvania sustained brain damage when his dump truck was struck on the passenger side by a CSX train at a grade crossing at the Northeast Solite Plant in Saugerties, New York. The grade crossing had been the subject of numerous public hearings addressing the danger posed by the crossing due to its close proximity to Old Kings Highway. Over the span of 5 years, there were 9 train-truck collisions at the grade crossing and three collisions within the span of three weeks. The federal Department of Transportation ranked the grade crossing as the most dangerous crossing in New York State for 15 years.

Despite years of public meetings and discussions between the Town of Saugerties, the County of Ulster, Northeast Solite and CSX, there were no changes to the design of the grade crossing and no one would even spend the money for a crossing guard. The inevitable happened when the 42 year old trucker from Pennsylvania was struck by the CSX locomotive, ejecting through the front windshield of his tractor and causing severe brain injuries and orthopedic injuries.