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Dancing Doctor Agrees to a 2.5 Year Suspension: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses

Last week I discussed the “Dancing Doctor” case on the news. This was a doctor who was dancing around and blasting loud music in surgical operating rooms during actual procedures.  Assisting staff would also be forced to jump and dance around, all while a patient was anesthetized and sometimes even opened up—in the middle of a procedure!  The dancing doctor claimed that it was all consented by the patient and that it was a marketing ploy on YouTube, but at least one patient said she did NOT consent to this and only learned this happened to her when she saw it on the news and recognized herself in one of the dancing videos!  This is dangerous and could be New York medical malpractice, let alone downright disrespectful and an invasion of privacy.

Well after last week alleging and arguing that all of the patients consented to the videos and that she has not done anything wrong, the dancing doctor, Windell Boutte, agreed this week to agree to at least a 2.5 year suspension of her medical license.  This could also result in an indefinite suspension, as there is no guarantee that the Georgia medical board will grant her reinstatement in the future.  

It is just downright scary for this to even happen.  Consent or not.  The videos show a very dangerous practice.  Not only is it delaying the care and treatment, but even aspects of running and jumping around make it more dangerous.  That will increase the doctor’s heart rate and could make her out of breath or less focused, thus making her hand shakier.  It may also effect the sterile field and introduce dust or bacteria, which hospital-acquired infections are some of the worst types.

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