Doctor Wins Distinguished Physician of the Year in One State: Barred from Practicing in Other States

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For over 20 years, Jay Riseman attempted to treat patients in several different states.  He recently did a good enough job in Missouri where he was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Physician of the Year from the Missouri Hospice and Palliative Care Association.

Congrats right?

Not so fast.

In 1998, his medical “treatment” resulted in the wrongful death of a woman in Illinois.  He performed surgery and failed to remove her catheter.  She developed a staph infection which became sepsis, and he did not treat her during these signs.  She died.

In 1999, prior to performing surgery he ordered a bowel preparation (a laxative) for a one-year-old and gave a dose that was twice what was recommended for a full-grown adult.  The one-year-old had to be admitted to the hospital for serious dehydration.

Got lucky and avoided a catastrophe?  Well a week later he did it again to a two-month-old baby who died due to cardiac arrest from the laxative.

It was not until 2002 when Illinois suspended his license.  He was then put on a 5 year probation period.   In 2004, Illinois found that he had violated his terms of probation for consulting with another physician regarding surgeries, and he even allegedly performed surgeries without supervision.

But no worries.  In 2008 he applied to Missouri, despite what was going on in Illinois!  He was GRANTED a medical license in Missouri too!

Thankfully, in 2009 he applied for licensure in Colorado which denied his application.

But then in 2009 he went to Kansas and applied for a license, and it was GRANTED with a restriction that he cannot practice surgery due to 13 medical malpractice cases against him.  In 2011, Kansas lifts his ban that he cannot practice surgery as long as he doesn’t perform any.

In 2014, his renewal application in Illinois resulted in a fine and reprimand when he did not list that he was denied licensure or had limitations submitted by Colorado and Kansas.  His license in Illinois expired.  But in 2016 he applied as a partner in a medical marijuana dispensary and claimed he has never been disciplined in Illinois!

What a crazy timeline, and all to the fact that he has been named Physician of the year after all of this!  Patients were and have been seriously harmed by this physician, and he was just awarded some prestigious award that will help him get new patients to harm.  Crazy!

This information was taken from a news source, and are allegations therefrom.  Comments posted in here are opinion only, and I want to know your comments!  Physician of the year is very scary to be called for this guy!

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