Examples of Horrific Medical Malpractice Injuries: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Understanding Catastrophic and Horrific Medical Malpractice Injuries: Our Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

New York medical malpractice can result in some of the most catastrophic and horrific injuries to a patient.  As a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer, I know that serious personal injuries can occur for even successful surgeries.  This is because all medical treatment and care is not guaranteed.  However, I also know that catastrophic and horrific medical malpractice injuries can result in cases of failed surgery.  That surgery could fail because of medical errors and mistakes such as careless errors, reckless errors, and even negligent errors.

Here are some of the most catastrophic and horrific medical malpractice injuries that a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer like myself has seen:

Wrongful death – this is the ultimate personal injury and occurs when there are serious and catastrophic medical injuries to a patient that results in the wrongful death, the untimely death, and the preventably death of a patient.  This is never replaced by money, and always a tragedy.

Amputations – it is very uncommon for a patient to ever have an amputation due to medical care and treatment that was properly done.  This is because amputations are radical and last resort procedures.  Mistakes could result in severe personal injuries and wrongful death, so amputations are attempted as a last-ditch effort to stop that.  But that means there are likely errors somewhere along the way that need to be addressed.

Brain injuries – whether it is cerebral palsy or kernicterus to a child, or hypoxic anesthesia errors to an adult in surgery, or even a slip of the scalpel in surgery, a brain injury is never a good course of treatment.  It can result in horrific injury that is not acceptable and often catastrophic.  Brain injuries are likely caused by significant malpractice of multiple healthcare providers, not just one.

Nerve Injuries – nerve injuries can be catastrophic in many ways.  They can be absolutely excruciatingly painful and result in debilitating agony, but they can also cause no pain—and no sensation, motor movement, or even any other function.  This could shut off parts of the body which could be irreparably broken and not able to be restored or healed, ever.  

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