How Is The Value Of My Case Decided?

There are three factors: (a) severity of the injury (loss of vision is more significant than a sprained wrist); (b) duration of the injury (a permanent, life-long injury is more significant than a temporary injury that resolves); and (c) the consequences of the injury, such as a total inability to work and play compared to a partial limit of your ability to work.

We take into consideration the economic losses, such as loss of wages and past and future medical expenses, and non-economic losses. While economic losses can be substantial, particularly when a baby suffers permanent injuries at birth, the most meaningful loss is the change in quality of life. A child suffering from spastic quadriplegia faces a life in a wheelchair and will never play ball with his friends, go to a prom during high school, or walk down the aisle at a wedding. These are the real losses.

The median and mean medical malpractice payment amounts for physicians in 2006 were $175,000 and $311,965, respectively. Generally for malpractice payment data the median is a better indicator of the “average” or typical payment than is the mean since the mean is skewed by a very few large payments.