How Head Injuries Could be Caused by New York Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Mistakes, Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are many different ways that New York medical malpractice could result in a head injury. A head injury is one of the worst injuries that a party could sustain.  These ways should all be preventable with proper medical care and treatment.  Some of the most common ways that a head injury is caused by New York medical malpractice include the following:

Falls – If a patient is a fall risk, the healthcare providers (a hospital, nursing home, or staff), must take certain protocol to ensure that a patient does not fall and sustain an injury.  Patients that are most at risk of falling need to be flagged and guarded against.

Overdoses – Any medication or drug overdose could result in a very serious brain injury, which is a debilitating type of head injury.  This is particularly true of morphine and other painkillers, which can cause hypoxic conditions in the brain which become deadly.

Failure to diagnose – The failure to diagnose a condition can also result in serious personal injuries for a patient and cause deadly head injuries.  This could be a stroke or cancer, which can have long-lasting ramifications even if treated successfully.  Aneurisms that are misdiagnosed can be quickly fatal in the brain if failed to diagnose or delayed in diagnosis.

Surgical Errors – A common type of medical malpractice is just the actual failure to perform a procedure properly.  When a healthcare provider is performing some head surgery, such as a TMJ repair, jaw repair, orbital blowout repair, brain surgery, or other types of head surgery, mistakes can result in irreversible head injuries.

Dropped Objects or Patients – When a healthcare provider either drops a patient on his or her head (like during a transfer) or an object is dropped on a patient (like an x-ray machine), it can result in very serious personal injuries and catastrophic head injuries.

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