When a person experiences any type of medical emergency and seeks assistance from a doctor, they typically expect quality care. However, some physicians fail to meet this standard of care and may provide an incorrect diagnosis. Heart attacks are cardiac events that require immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, heart attacks can be misdiagnosed relatively easily. Such a misdiagnosis can cause devastating results and in some cases, loss of life. If you or a loved one suffered the painful consequences of a misdiagnosed heart attack, consult with a compassionate Hudson Valley heart attack misdiagnosis lawyer. A caring heart attack medical malpractice attorney could review the factors surrounding your misdiagnosis and work to hold the negligent party accountable. Call and arrange for a meeting to begin discussing your potential legal options.

Heart Attack Misdiagnoses

There are many different ways a person could suffer a heart attack misdiagnosis. The most common diagnosis error in heart attack cases is simply a failure to recognize the signs and symptoms of unstable angina, which means the temporary loss of blood flow into the heart. This generally causes a person to complain about heaviness in the chest and have difficulty breathing. In conjunction with these symptoms, a person may become short of breath and appear to sweat. Often times, those signs and symptoms will be misinterpreted by an emergency medicine doctor or even a primary care physician because they do not realize that that person is about to have a heart attack and as a result, they may not order the appropriate tests. Additionally, heart attacks are frequently misdiagnosed as gastroesophageal reflux disease or simply as a person reacting to high levels of stress and anxiety. These mistakes can lead to devastating consequences. Someone who suffered any type of heart attack misdiagnosis should speak with a reliable Hudson Valley heart attack misdiagnosis lawyer. An experienced medical malpractice attorney could examine the different circumstances that may have contributed to the misdiagnosis and work to demonstrate how a medical professional acted recklessly.

Individuals Eligible to File a Lawsuit

If a person had a heart attack, that typically means they have suffered the death of a part of their heart muscle. This can be manifested through a physical disability, death, or no physical or mental deficit at all. In any of those cases, the injured person can bring a lawsuit. However, it is important to understand that some cases where a person did not incur any physical or mental deficit may not result in substantial financial compensation. A person interested in taking legal action following a misdiagnosis should reach out to a considerate Hudson Valley heart attack misdiagnosis lawyer.

Contact a Qualified Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Attorney in Hudson Valley

Medical professionals are held to a certain standard when administering care. When physicians fail to meet these standards, an injured person could face severe medical consequences and even fatal ones. Heart attack misdiagnoses are especially dangerous and commonly result in death. If you or a loved one sustained extensive injuries following a heart attack misdiagnosis, consult with a committed Hudson Valley heart attack misdiagnosis lawyer to begin considering potential legal options.

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