New York Birth Injuries Causing Facial Nerve Injuries to a Baby: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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Facial Nerve Injuries Caused by New York Birth Injuries: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

Your face has many cranial nerves.  These nerves are not as protected as some of the other larger nerves and nerve structures in your body which normally run deep in muscle bellies or bone groves.  Rather, your face has cranial nerves which are fairly close to the surface of your skin and are also on the outside of your bones (i.e., your skull) making them more vulnerable.  This is just in an adult though.  Newborns have even more vulnerable locations for cranial nerves which are even weaker and more susceptible to injury.  This is why New York birth injuries causing facial injuries need to be evaluated by a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer.

Humans have 12 cranial nerves which map out the sensory perception and motor function of the face.  These nerves are incredibly important, as your face is one of your most sensitive parts of your body.  If function to even part of a nerve is damaged, it could result in catastrophic losses such as losing feeling in half you mouth or lip, to having difficulty speaking and moving your mouth to eat or talk.  Cranial nerve injuries are just devastating.

This is particularly true for babies.  Their cranial nerves are much thinner, smaller, and less protected by muscle and fat which begins to form and  strengthen/toughen on the face after birth.  These cranial nerves can become injured by a healthcare provider at any time when the baby is being treated.  

However, it is most common for facial nerve injuries to occur during the labor and delivery process.  This is when the nerves are exposed to increased pressure and manipulation.  For example, facial nerve injuries are common with use of forceps or vacuum extractors.  These tools can result in significant injury to the face which may tear or damage the nerves.  When this occurs it can be due to improper use of these tools, excessive handling, or other negligent reasons.

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