Medical malpractice is a sadly common source of unexpected personal injuries and deaths in New York. The simple fact is that a doctor, dentist, or hospital error can put your life at severe risk of harm or may worsen an existing condition.

In general, medical malpractice describes situations where doctors do not give you the care that you need. However, state law provides a strict definition of this behavior that you must be able to prove to receive the compensation that you deserve. There are many types of common medical malpractice claims in Poughkeepsie. If you believe that your injury or that of your loved one was the result of medical negligence, reach out to a skilled malpractice attorney today.

What is Medical Malpractice?

The concept of medical negligence may seem simple but has a strict legal definition that is adhered to when determining civil claim eligibility. In short, medical malpractice describes a situation where a healthcare worker causes an injury because of their failure to provide proper care.

More specifically, a medical negligence lawsuit may be appropriate when a doctor, dentist, or other provider acts in a way that a reasonably skilled professional within the same field would not under the specific circumstances of treatment. Proving this concept in court usually requires the help of an expert witness. In fact, New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 3012-A states that civil action alleging medical malpractice must include an expert’s affidavit that, in their opinion, malpractice has occurred. A skilled attorney could provide more information about the legal concept of medical malpractice and common scenarios that result in claims in Poughkeepsie.

Common Types of Medical Negligence

While it can be difficult to fully understand the legal concept of medical malpractice, there are a number of common errors that may serve as the basis for these lawsuits. People who have experienced a new injury or worsening of a condition after these experiences should seek out legal help for a better understanding of their rights. Common medical malpractice claims in Poughkeepsie include:

Consulting with a highly trained attorney could help people to better understand their specific situation and determine if it is worth examining their case in greater detail.

Reach Out to an Attorney for Help Understanding Common Medical Malpractice Claims in Poughkeepsie

It is not uncommon for individuals to have a negative outcome or experience after visiting a doctor, dentist, or another healthcare provider. However, just because you did not make a total recovery, or your condition did not improve as expected, it does not automatically mean that medical malpractice has occurred. State law contains a strict definition of this behavior, and you can only collect compensation for your losses if you can prove this concept.

Talking with an attorney allows you to tell your story and learn more about how your personal experience may allow you to hold a negligent doctor responsible for their actions. If you believe you have experienced injury or illness due to medical negligence, or have questions about common medical malpractice claims in Poughkeepsie, schedule your consultation today.