Tune In And Learn How To Build The Injury Law Firm Of Your Dreams.

In law school, we’re taught the basic principles of law, i.e., contracts, torts and constitutional law that we need to pass the bar exam. Fun and interesting? Well, maybe (and yes, we need this stuff to pass the bar exam), but our cranky old law school professors never bothered to teach us how to operate a law practice, get clients and make money. But it’s too late to get your tuition back from law school, so what can you do? Just throw up your hands and just keep doing what all of the other lawyers in your town do?

But what if there was a different way? A unique approach that is unlike anything you’ve heard or seen before. The Ultimate Practice Builder for New York Injury Lawyers just might be right for you.

Instead of dry legalise and boring law school lectures, our podcast focuses on the cutting edge inside secrets from the nation’s top experts in lien resolution, trusts for injury victims, automating a law practice and law office systems and practices that are guaranteed to make your law firm run a whole lot easier.

Running an injury practice in New York can be intimidating, but help is on the way!