Warnings Signs of Potential Birth Injuries Due to Poor Prenatal Care: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Birth Injury

Understanding Potential Birth Injuries from Poor Prenatal Care: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Shares Some Important Warnings Signs

Birth injuries can happen even with the best treatment.  And doctors do not have to even give the “best treatment,” just treatment that is reasonably within the standard of care.  However, most birth injuries do not happen within the standard of care.  They are caused by New York medical malpractice.  Some birth injuries even appear to be within the standard of care or even a natural consequence of the labor and delivery process.  But that does not mean that it was not medical malpractice in the way the pregnancy was handled.  Failing to do a c-section or failing to take other intervening steps could all be reasons why there is what “appears” to be a normal consequence, but that prenatal care is what is medical malpractice.

There are many warning signs that a OG-GYN, family care practitioner, or other doctor should take to prevent a birth injury way before labor begins.  These are steps that could be determined in a basic prenatal evaluation.  Some of these common warning signs which should be mitigated or avoided before labor begins, and which could result in birth injuries, and include the following warnings signs:

  • Large birth weight (babies over 8 lb, 13 oz);
  • Prolonged labors;
  • Premature – babies before 37 weeks are considered premature, and the younger less than that the higher the risk;
  • Size ratio of size and shape of the mother’s pelvis and the baby’s size;
  • Maternal complications such as diabetes, other health issues, and other dystocia;
  • Breech position (legs first not head first); and
  • Other related birth abnormalities.

If you have had a baby with some of these warning signs or risk signs, and subsequently gave birth and had complications or your baby suffered birth injuries, please call our New York medical malpractice lawyer because you may have been the victim of serious medical malpractice.  But what do you think?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment or I also welcome your phone call on my toll-free cell at 1-866-889-6882 or you can drop me an e-mail at jfisher@fishermalpracticelaw.com.  You are always welcome to request my FREE book, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims, at the home page of my website at www.protectingpatientrights.com.