When Joint Surgeries Go Wrong: New York Medical Malpractice


New York Medical Malpractice From Botched Joint Surgeries

An orthopedist is a type of doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries to the structural components of your body, such as the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other related tissues.  While most of these injuries can heal with a closed reduction, an orthopedist may need to perform surgeries or an open reduction to repair this damage.  This could mean getting broken bones back in line, or stitching together torn muscles.  While most times an orthopedist will do a good job, unfortunately sometimes an orthopedist may make certain mistakes, errors, or even negligent acts which could be the result of New York medical malpractice.

One of the most common places for an orthopedist to make an error is during a joint surgery.  This is because joint surgeries are more complicated.  This is because there are more ligament, tendons, bones, nerves, vascular structures, and other parts of the body at that location which funnel to the extremity.  

For instance, the shoulder has a significant and rather complex layering of rotator cuffs, felt muscles, end of biceps tendons, brachial plexus nerves, major vascular structures, and other connective and supportive tissue.  Any surgery in the shoulder is likely to result in damage to multiple layers and types of muscle or tendons..  Thus, mistakes in a shoulder surgery could affect many different structures.  This means that major muscles could be injured, as well as the nerves which come from the neck all the way down to the fingers.

Thus, New York medical malpractice from orthopedic errors or mistakes could bring serious harm to a patient.  Botched joint surgeries are horrible types of surgeries which are incredibly debilitating.  Victims need to be able to obtain compensation for their losses.

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