Woman Shares Dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome, Which No One on Hospital Staff Saw Before!

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Toxic shock syndrome, or TSS, is a medical emergency.  It is like sepsis and results in catastrophic injuries.  It creates a blood infection which damages the entire body and its organs.  This is because the infection is so prolific, it gathers through the body and infects everything which receives the blood—which is everywhere.  When the poisonous bacteria becomes so significant, it can actually shut down or damage orders so they don’t work.  This can result in multiple organ failure and really kill someone very quickly.

One woman from Philadelphia is sharing her ordeal.  She had been sick for several days and when her fever spiked above 106, she knew something was very wrong.  It was initially clear that she was having a very bad infection turning septic.  Initial tests could not figure out where the infection was coming from.  She had not had surgery or have any cuts.  Until a provider asked when she had her last menstrual cycle, which was right before the symptoms appeared.  It turned out there was a massive cervical infection present.

The infection was so massive, that surgery and powerful antibiotics were needed.  She was also given her last rites twice, and her family said goodbye.  But after being in ICU for several days on the verge of dying, her symptoms made a turn for the better and she made it.  

Now she is sharing her experiences for everyone else to know about TSS, which can affect anyone and be caused by even a little cut that gets infected and is not treated.

She is also providing and educating HEALTHCARE STAFF.  According to the news report, no one in the emergency department had even seen TSS before. Some staff did not even know what it was!  It is a little different than sepsis, and it is more potent and deadly.  But it was luckily identified and treated quickly, because many more delay and she would have died.  But for the healthcare staff to not know about this condition, that is SCARY!

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