Wrong Site Surgery: What It Happens More than You Think in New York Medical Malpractice


New York Medical Malpractice Alert: Wrong Site Surgery

You may think that wrong site surgery is a think of the movies and popular media.  Movies and fiction trivialize medical mistakes such as wrong patient surgery or wrong site surgery, like taking out the wrong organ or even in movies doing brain surgery on the wrong patient.  Scary!  Well, you would be even more afraid to know that this actually happens.  Yes—actually happens!  It can be New York medical malpractice and it usually happens in certain procedures, including major back surgeries where the mistakes can be catastrophic!

In fact, one of the most common ways that this occurs is in a back surgery.  That is because most back surgeries are determined on an x-ray.  The pathology and site of surgery is identified as a certain number vertebrae.  Then doctors perform the surgery and usually count the number of vertebrae to get to the affected site.  Yes—count! 

So what happens when their count is off one?  

Wrong site spinal surgery!  This means that a deathly disc or non-necessary surgery could occur.  A patient could end up with worse pain and even be in more danger of serious and irreparable injury.  This means that patients could even be face with the prospect of losing his or her sensation or feeling as to certain extremities, such as the feet or legs, or in the worst types of cases, in the arms or hands.  These injuries could be debilitating and catastrophic.

Other times, patients could have wrong site surgery in other very serious instances usually involving cancer or other dangerous pathology.  One case involved a surgeon removing the wrong testicle that had cancer, thus taking the healthy one and leaving the dying one which resulted in the patient being infertile.  This was major medical malpractice.  Another case is removing the wrong kidney, which is also devastating and horrific.

Shouldn’t doctors who make these types of errors be liable for this type of New York medical malpractice?  Obviously they should be!  

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