Wrongful Death From Bariatric Surgery Errors: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

Infections, Surgery

Any medical procedure can result in New York medical malpractice, including bariatric surgery errors.  But bariatric surgery is a very successful type of surgery which helps to alleviate the dangerous and potentially deadly symptoms of obesity.  There are many different methods, including simply using bands to put pressure on the stomach to re-distribute the area where food can accumulate to make it smaller which can be reversed, to completely cutting and re-shaping the stomach which is not reversible.  

Like any surgery, the risk of infection is common.  This can occur any time the skin is pierced or breached.  This includes a needle for a booster shot, or in an involved procedure like cutting and re-shaping the stomach.  But in a bariatric surgery, an infection can result in life-threatening conditions.  This is because the area where the infection is will be in the chest and upper abdominal cavity which can bring infectious material right next to the lungs and heart.  

When an infection is not quickly caught and treated, it can result in sepsis.  This is a blood-borne infection which pumps bacteria throughout the body.  This infects all organs and parts of the body receiving the blood.  This wide-spread infection can result in organs failing, which include a cascade of multiple organs failing one after the other.  In other instances, sepsis can result in the need to amputate extremities such as the feet or hands.  

Even though bariatric surgery is generally safe, and even though infections are a common risk, some infections are not common risks but actually due to New York medical malpractice.  In addition, failing to identify these infections and timely treat them is NOT part of a commonly accepted risk in a medical procedure.

Thus, victims who have suffered an infection after bariatric surgery may be victims of New York medical malpractice, and should call our firm.  Doctors needs to be held accountable!  It is not a normal risk to have a weight-loss surgery and lose your HANDS or FEET due to an infection!  If you get sepsis after bariatric surgery, that is another sign of New York medical malpractice.

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