$1 Million for Surgical Error Resulting in Death


The estate of a 44-year old female recovered $1 million based upon surgical negligence during the removal of the patient’s right kidney.

The patient underwent a nephrectomy (surgical removal of the kidney) due to the presence of a malignant tumor in the kidney.  During the operation, the urologist cut through the patient’s inferior vena cava (largest vein in the human body) with a vascular stapler (a surgical device used to clamp and cut veins and arteries) and tragically, the patient bled to death within minutes. An autopsy revealed that the patient bled to death due to the severing of her vena cava during the operation.

The 44-year old patient was survived by her husband, two adult children and one minor child.  The settlement funds will be used to finance the minor child’s education and pay for the purchase of a house that the decedent and her family always dreamed of.