$750k for Failing to Diagnose Lymphoma

Delay in Cancer Diagnosis, Failure to Diagnose

As part of a standard pre-operative medical clearance, the patient’s orthopedic surgeon ordered a chest x-ray prior to an elective operation on the patient’s elbow in Ulster County, New York. The chest x-ray revealed a mass in the patient’s right...

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$1.69 Million Recovery for Delay in Treating Recurrent Breast Cancer

Delay in Cancer Diagnosis

32-year old patient underwent a bilateral mastectomy for right breast cancer in Albany, New York. One month after the operation, a whole body PET/CT scan was performed to check for signs of recurrent breast cancer. The PET/CT scan showed abnormal...

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$2 Million Recovery for a Delay in Treatment of Acute Hydrocephalus

Delayed Diagnosis

4 hours after an operation to remove a tumor from her brain in central New York, the 17-year old female patient complained of a severe headache, lethargy and confusion and began violently thrashing around in bed during while she was...

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$1.5 Million Recovery for Wrongful Death Due to Aortic Dissection Misdiagnosis

Heart Attack, Hospital Malpractice, Wrongful Death

From John’s Casebook: Aortic Dissection Misdiagnosis On January 11, 2018, John H. Fisher, P.C. recovered $1,500,000 in a partial settlement of a wrongful death action arising from the death of a 38-year old male from an aortic dissection. An aortic...

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$4 Million For 72 Year Old Victim Of Dangerous Work Site


72 year old worker at the Albany Avenue Garage in Kingston was paralyzed as a result of a fall through an unguarded door opening that had no protective railing to guard against falls. The 72 year old "jack of all...

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$3.6 Million For Failing To Treat A Heart Attack

Heart Attack

John H. Fisher, P.C. recovered $3.6 million for the estate of a 31-year old female who died from a heart attack in Ulster County, New York. The patient presented with classic cardiac complaints consisting of the sudden onset of severe...

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$3.5 Million For 26 Year Killed By Truck At Construction Site

Wrongful Death

$3,500,000 for young engineer killed by a dump truck that backed over him at a construction site in Newburgh, New York. The trial was held at the Court of Claims in White Plains. $3,500,000

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