A little over 4 years ago my daughter passed away suddenly. After speaking to the police officer that had come to her house he told me I needed to find a good lawyer because something wasn’t right.

I sat down at my computer and pulled up medical malpractice lawyers and I clicked on John Fisher and then I get scared. So, I send an email telling him what happened, in like 5 minutes my phone was ringing and he offered to come to my house and talk to me. I went over everything and he said before he took the case he had to look into it. I got the call saying “yes” he would take the case. From that point on I felt like the burden had been lifted.

I can’t say enough about how Mr. Fisher handled the sensitivity of the case. He is truly a lawyer that fights to get you every penny you deserve. Every time I walked into the office I was greeted as if I was family.

John is very open about what the obstacles could be and always willing to work with you towards a positive outcome. I can’t tell you how happy I was that I picked Mr. Fisher to help me fight and win and get justice for my daughter and our family.

I would highly recommend Mr. Fisher to anyone that unfortunately needs this type of lawyer.

Colleen D. – Kingston, New York

I Can’t Tell You How Happy I was that I Picked Mr. Fisher

Can’t say enough good things about John Fisher. He returned my call on a Sunday and personally took the time to discuss my case and all of my options. He was upfront and honest about the details of everything. I didn’t feel rushed or feel like I was left not understanding anything.

He made sure to let me know he would help with my case in any way he could. Myself and my family greatly appreciate the genuine kindness and work that he does.

Kayla M. – Antioch, California

Can’t Say Enough Good Things

My husband passed away suddenly in November 2011. I was 38 with 6-year old twins. Not exactly something you would think would ever happen to you. I know I did not. Honestly that time and what the doctors told me I don’t quite remember.

I remember getting a call from John and I didn’t really know why. Never thought to question the doctors. After quite a long conversation John asked if he could come to my house and speak to me in person. After speaking with him and giving him permission to look further into the death of my husband, I honestly did not think he would find any fault in what the doctors had done because, they are supposed to know what they are doing right?? Well I was wrong. The doctor that treated my husband the day before he passed had made a huge mistake. All of the sudden I was a widowed mother of twins, confused and angry.

John and his team answered every phone call, every email and every question I had throughout the entire process. Never making me feel like I was a bother. He was professional, caring and tough as nails when needed. After the case was settled, he set me up with a financial advisor so I could get the correct advice I needed to do what was right with the money that my children and I were awarded.

John and his team helped me and my children through the hardest thing in our lives and we will be forever grateful to him and his staff.

Danyell K. – Wamego, Kansas

Will Be Forever Grateful

I typically do not write reviews, however I had to share my experience of working with John and his firm.

John was much more than an attorney as I’ve seen previous writers say he became a confidant and friend, worked in my family’s best interest and made such an impact on how my family and I dealt with the process. John and his firm were very supportive, welcoming and treated us as partners while maintaining his professionalism.

I truly admire how hard John has worked for my family regardless of the results. John has changed my view of attorneys and I truly believe he is an attorney for the people and families.

Liz N. – Poughkeepsie, New York

Much More Than an Attorney

While not a client, I am a fellow lawyer and I’ve heard John speak several times. I don’t know that I’ve met an attorney who is so committed and dedicated to helping injured clients. That coupled with his organization, knowledge of medical malpractice law and reputation nationwide is truly amazing.

If you have a medical malpractice claim in New York State, John needs to be the first call you make.

Jason Kohlmeyer, Esq. – Mankato, Minnesota

Truly Amazing Medical Malpractice Lawyer!

John is extremely knowledgeable and precise with the work he does. He is a terrific listener and attends to each question posed. I specifically liked that he was available at off hours to discuss the case as needed.

John was easy to work with, even though my case was potentially going to be in a county that is two hours from his work place he gladly accepted my case. Majority of the conferencing was through the mail and phone; however, he was willing to travel if needed.

Most of the information discovered through my malpractice case was overwhelming and John was not one to rush me on decisions. I like to think things through, ask more questions, then proceed. John is a patient man and a wealth of information.

Mostly I liked his honesty with the possible outcomes, even if it wasn’t what I was hoping to hear, he was in fact providing accurate information. If I ever need another lawyer, I will certainly call Mr. John Fisher.

Bridget S. – Jay, New York

Extremely Knowledgeable and Precise

Mr. Fisher handled my case with expertise and compassion. He secured the best result for my situation in a short length of time.

I was truly blessed to have found him.

Arnold E. – Stone Ridge, New York

Truly Blessed to have Found Him

We met with John to see if there was merit for a malpractice case re: delay of diagnosis. He knows what he’s talking about. Complete respect for him for being so direct. Many attorneys want you drooling out of their hand.

He is reviewing my husband’s records and promised us nothing. The fact that the sincerity and expeditious of the review of this matter speaks volumes.

Contact made by phone in the A.M and seen later that evening just shows what you get.

Sarah M. – Bennington, Vermont

This Amazing Man is Far More than Attorney
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