Constantly Helps Those Around Him
"Constantly Helps Those Around Him"

John is knowledgeable and experienced but more than that he is a good human. He helps those around him on a consist basis, offering lawyers advice, giving of himself and his office. In such a competitive market as his, he is a stand out example of a modern day miracle.

David K.
A Top Notch Choice For Legal Representation
"A Top Notch Choice For Legal Representation"

I have owed Attorney Fisher this 5 star review for some time now and am finally getting to it. I am a young Attorney in CT and I learned about Attorney Fisher from a podcast he did educating lawyers about how to run the law firm of your dreams. He is thoughtful and caring and has a deep passion for the rights of the people he represents. He also runs his business like a well oiled machine to maximize client satisfaction and the value of their cases. Attorney Fisher is a top notch choice for legal representation and I highly recommend him.

Samuel M.
Knowledgable, Compassionate, and Caring
"Knowledgable, Compassionate, and Caring"

I recently contacted Attorney Fisher to discuss a potential medical malpractice claim. Like most when calling an Attorney I had hundreds of questions and needed answers. Attorney Fisher was both kind and gracious in answering my questions, giving me all the time I needed, and then some. In our discussion it became apparent that the claim we were discussing could not be filed in the New York Courts. Despite that realization

Attorney Fisher did not cut me off as I was clearly no longer a potential client. Instead he continued our conversation to insure I was securing the information I both wanted and needed to know.
Attorney Fisher was extremely knowledgeable about the matter we discussed, but beyond that he was also compassionate and caring….. qualities lost by many in the legal profession. I therefore give him the highest recommendation possible.

Robert B.
A Gift To Other Attorneys
"A Gift To Other Attorneys"

What thorough, practical, real world, business development information he has provided for you in his books entitled The Power of a System and The Law Firm of Your Dreams.

He really gets it. He understands that systems and marketing are “it”. John points out that communication is the key and consistency is the most important thing in marketing. But what you communicate must be different! So you’re not just like all the others. And make sure you’re targeting your ideal client too!

Above all, his focus is on implementing, otherwise everything is useless and falls apart. Tracking and measuring are critical for success.

Gary T.
No Other Attorney I Would Rather Work With
"No Other Attorney I Would Rather Work With"

John Fisher is extremely knowledgeable and an incredible person. There is no other attorney I would rather work with, or trust to handle something as important as a medical malpractice case.

Justin T.
Recommended Without Hesitation
"Recommended Without Hesitation"

I find Attorney Fisher to be exemplary in his continuing education and desire to not only be the best attorney he can be, but also to help other attorneys be the best that they can be too. I recommend him without hesitation.

Christopher E.
Always Goes Above and Beyond
"Always Goes Above and Beyond"

John Fisher is the most compassionate, hard working attorney a client could hope for. He is dedicated and professional. Most clients would feel he exceeds their expectations. He works hard to keep his office running smoothly and remains responsive to his clients. He will be an important person to have on your side. He knows the law and is constantly working to improve himself and his practice. He will go above and beyond to insure your case is handled well.

Nancy A.
One Of The Most Professional Attorneys
"One Of The Most Professional Attorneys"

I have had the good fortune of working with Attorney Fisher in the past. He is one of the most professional, smart attorneys I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is highly recommended as an attorney that will work his tail off for his client. Him and his team. He is the go to attorney for medical malpractice and injury in New York. Highly recommended.

Walter B.
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