$1.12 Million For College Student Injured In A Multi-Vehicle Collision


$1,120,000 for 19 year old college student injured in a motor vehicle collision in Lake Placid.

19 year old college student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technologist in Cambridge, Massachusetts sustained serious orthopedic injuries in a head-on collision between a SUV and pickup truck on State Route 73 while heading to Lake Placid for a ski trip. The pickup truck driver was ticketed for driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.08, and the driver of the SUV (an administrative assistant at MIT) lost control of his SUV while driving in near whiteout snow conditions. The alleged drunk driver claimed that he consumed two to three beers after he left the site of the crash and before he went to the hospital for a physical examination. The drunk driver blamed the driver of the SUV for the crash.

An accident reconstruction performed by our office revealed that the alleged drunk driver had more than ample time and distance to respond and react to the SUV before the collision occurred. The 19 year old college student recovered $1 million from MIT and $120,000 from the alleged drunk driver.