$1.25 For Child Injured At Birth By Uterine Rupture

Birth Injury

$1,250,000 for a child injured at birth after his mother’s uterus ruptured shortly before birth. The mother was admitted to the hospital for a vaginal birth after cesarean section (“VBAC”). After the nurse midwife attending to the mother left the hospital to attend to office appointments, the mother was left in the care of labor and delivery nurses who were unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of an impending uterine rupture. The nurses failed to notify the nurse midwife or physicians at the hospital after the mother complained of severe pain between contractions, chest and neck pain, shortness of breath and agitation. Eventually an anesthesiologist was notified about the mother’s symptoms and an emergency cesarean section was ordered.

The baby was born with no signs of life after being found free floating in his mother’s abdomen. The mother’s uterus had ruptured before the delivery, and the uterine rupture caused the sudden and acute deprivation of oxygen to the baby. The delay in delivering the baby caused damage to the baby’s basal ganglia and mild to moderate developmental delays.

The recovery resulted in the establishment of a trust that will provide for the child’s educational and medical needs for the remainder of the child’s lifetime.