$1.65 Million For Brain Injured Victim In Dram Shop Case

Traumatic Brain Injury

$1,650,000 for 38 year old severe injured in a motorcycle crash in Latham, New York.

38 year old sustained severe brain and orthopedic injuries arising from a motorcycle accident shortly after leaving a concert at a concert hall in Latham, NY. The driver of the motorcycle had a blood alcohol level that exceeded the permissible BAC levels in NY by more than double and had been served alcohol by bartenders at the concert hall. The bartenders served the motorcycle driver despite obvious signs of intoxication.

After $650,000 was recovered in settlement against the motorcycle driver’s estate and the sponsor of the concert, the injured victim recovered an additional $1 million from the New York State Liquidation Bureau in his claim against Reliance Insurance Company, who insured the owner of the concert hall.
$1,650,000 for brain injury in dram shop case